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Does the aligner treatment hurt?

The treatment with aligners is nearly painless. You feel the force applied to your teeth only during the first 2-3 days. You can easily take off the appliance during the day in order to eat and brush you teeth properly. Aligners are the favorites of both kids and adults!

How to help yourself?

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What does the first day after permanent braces are applied look like?

10 March 2020

Adult patients want to know what it’s like to have their braces glued on at the first visit. Does your teeth hurt? What can you eat?

Right after the braces are applied, on the same day, we feel a slight pressure on our teeth. At this stage the biggest problem is the lip mucosa, which rubs against the braces. This feeling of something strange rubbing against your lip is not permanent — after 2-3 days your lip muscle moves away and you no longer feel the brackets stuck.

We feel a slight toothache the next morning. Teeth are tender, sometimes patients say they “feel” every tooth.


How to help yourself:

  1. For 2-3 days eat liquid food — cocktails, soups, yoghurt.
  2. If you feel a lot of pain, you can chew gum gently for 5-10 minutes — when the teeth start to move, blood will flow to them and they will stop hurting.
  3. Everyone has a different threshold of pain — if you can’t stand it, take a painkiller (there are very few patients who reach for it).

The first few days are about adaptation — getting used to glued brackets and learning how to eat.


How do we eat with permanent braces?

  1. We don’t bite into hard apples or sandwiches with the front teeth. A human being is able to bite with a force of 70 kg, which means that the brackets could become detached. We try to cut the food into smaller pieces and eat it with our side teeth.
  2. We do not eat hard and sticky foods (e.g. candy).
  3. We try to limit sweets — if there are too many of them, the enamel around the brackets may decalcify.


Braces are something completely new, so it’s worth giving yourself some time to get used to different food, brush your teeth more thoroughly and look different.


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