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Does permanent retainer affect the health of our gums?

10 March 2020

Removing permanent dental braces is only the first step on the road to a perfect smile. Do the teeth return to their original place after straightening with braces? Does a permanent retainer interfere with maintaining proper hygiene?

Many patients who have undergone orthodontic treatment in the past return to the dentist’s office and are worried about the fact that their teeth are not positioned evenly. This usually happens when no form of retention was used after the treatment. The purpose of retention is to keep the teeth in position after the completion of orthodontic treatment. It is a very important element of the process – periodontium of a tooth undergoes reconstruction for as long as one year after the end of the treatment! Thus, even though the braces have been removed, the therapy is far from finished.

In addition to a permanent retainer, i.e. a wire glued to the teeth from the tongue side, we make a dental impression for the removable retainer after the treatment is completed. Such retainer is made of acrylic and it is held in place by metal clamps. Patients MUST wear such device every night for at least the first year after the removal of permanent braces.

Recently, I came across a paper that investigated the effect of a glued-on permanent retainer on the patient’s periodontium and gums. It concludes that patients with glued-on retainers are no more susceptible to tartar or caries than patients who have no such retainer. Since a glued-on retainer has no negative effect on gums and teeth, it is definitely worth following the rule that it should remain in place for the patient’s entire life. The bones of our jaws undergo constant remodeling, which causes the teeth to move in them with time. This is why the principle of long life retention is currently in place.

Regardless of whether or not we have a permanent retainer on our teeth – everyone should visit their dentist every six months for a check-up. Then you may want to have your teeth scaled, i.e. remove the tartar.



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