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The first days after applying the device to the teeth

Adults already on the first visit want to know what it is like to have a dental device attached to the teeth. Do your teeth hurt? What can you eat?

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My patients have many questions about braces, care and treatment. I also often have to rectify their misconceptions and information that they have heard or found somewhere in the depths of the Internet. Why does it give me such satisfaction? Find out more about my motivations here.

I support you in the fight for a healthy smile!

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Discoloration: what foods and drinks can discolor my enamel? Which orthodontic ligatures have the most stable color?

23 Jul 2020

You have been wearing the fixed orthodontic appliance for several months now and you are very happy – your teeth are starting to align, your smile looks better and you know that the treatment works. Everything’s great, just … You start to worry – the teeth have changed their color, brown discoloration has appeared between […]

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What you should know before starting an orthodontic treatment with a fixed orthodontic appliance: Part 3. The checklist! Questions to ask your orthodontist during the first consultation

20 Jul 2020

You’ve been waiting and waiting for an orthodontic consultation, finally the day comes… and you do not remember what you wanted to ask your doctor;) Here’s your checklist with questions my Patients often ask. 1. Do I need the orthodontic treatment? I know this may sound obvious… but some of the people who come to […]

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Teeth whitening vs orthodontic treatment

16 Jul 2020

Many of you dream not only of perfectly aligned, but also white teeth. During the visits, you often ask when to whiten your teeth? Before treatment, after treatment or maybe during the orthodontic treatment? When the teeth are not aligned properly in the arch, their color seems to be darker than it really is. When […]

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What you should know before starting an orthodontic treatment with a fixed orthodontic appliance: Part 2. What should you buy before starting treatment with fixed orthodontic appliance?

10 Jul 2020

Especially for you, I have prepared a short entry about what you should have on hand when you start orthodontic treatment 🙂 This is the basic shopping list – things that are useful during the treatment with fixed orthodontic appliance. 1. Orthodontic wax. It is very useful, especially at the beginning of treatment! Orthodontic brackets […]

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What you should know before starting an orthodontic treatment with a fixed orthodontic appliance: Part 1. Prepare your teeth for fixing up the braces.

05 Jul 2020

If you’re here and you’re reading this, you probably are wondering how to prepare for fixing up the braces. Probably you have already booked an appointment at orthodontist’s office. So… how should you prepare your teeth for braces? 1. Hygiene, hygiene and once again…hygiene. Orthodontic appliance is a good choice only for someone who truly […]

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What does the first day after permanent braces are applied look like?

10 Mar 2020

Adult patients want to know what it’s like to have their braces glued on at the first visit. Does your teeth hurt? What can you eat? Right after the braces are applied, on the same day, we feel a slight pressure on our teeth. At this stage the biggest problem is the lip mucosa, which […]

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