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What we need to maintain oral hygiene when wearing dental braces?

10 March 2020

1. Dedication 🙂

That’s definitely the essential thing! Every patient who would like to undergo orthodontic treatment must be absolutely certain of it. Only then will they be able to motivate themselves enough to take special care of their teeth during the treatment.


2. Toothbrush

Which one? It doesn’t matter! If you can do well with a simple, manual one, that’s enough. All you have to pay attention to is the choice of hair hardness. The best thing to do is to get an ultra-soft brush (soft or super soft are still quite hard). This type of bristles allows for thorough cleaning of teeth at their necks, at the gums, without irritating them at the same time.

However, if you need to improve oral hygiene, you may want to consider purchasing an electric or sonic toothbrush. They help you brush your teeth better, but only if done long enough (at least 2 minutes).


3. Dental floss

The toothbrush will not clean the areas between teeth. To prevent the occurrence of carious lesions on the contact surfaces of the teeth (i.e. between the teeth), dental floss should be used. With the braces glued on, the use of floss is very difficult. At chemists’ shops you can sometimes buy a floss cut into shorter sections with a harder tip – such floss can be easily pressed between teeth. Alternatively, if you are unable to manage the floss while wearing braces, you can reach for…


4. Dental irrigator

It is a device which jets out water under pressure, flushing out food leftovers from between teeth. Using an irrigator also requires some skill, but certainly less than using floss. As far as the choice is concerned – consult your orthodontist. Not always the most expensive irrigator has the best parameters and appropriate water ejection pressure.


5. Interdental brushes

Orthodontic brackets are relatively rough. For this reason, food easily adheres to them, which results in the formation of carious changes! That is why it is necessary to clean thoroughly the surfaces adjacent to the brackets. Interdental brushes, available in drugstores and pharmacies, can be very helpful. You should have them at hand to clean your teeth from food during the day.


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